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Are you stuck in the old way of thinking about the Internet? The old way of thinking says the Internet is just used for window shopping...that when consumers are ready to buy, they go offline. This just isn't true anymore. The Internet is no longer just an information exchange platform. It's a booming commerce platform.

In 2006 alone, over $100 billion worth of e-commerce sales took place. That is an outrageous amount of money and the figures are quickly rising every year!

More and more consumers are shopping online because:

  • It's simple
  • It's convenient
  • It's fast
  • It gives them more options
  • They can compare products

Some studies show that online shopping has increased by as much as 50% over the last year. The growth is phenomenal, and the reach of customers is absolutely amazing. Every day there are millions of consumers on the Internet ready to make a purchase if they find something that meets their needs. So, what is the small business owner doing? Sitting on their mainstream sales tactics apparently.

Yet, despite the possibilities for online sales, only 3% of small businesses are currently selling their products and services online. 3 percent! Where is your competition? What are they doing? If they're selling online, they're laughing at you. If not, they're providing you with the best opportunity for sales domination you've ever been handed in your life!

Our advice to you is...get on the eCommerce train, my friend!

Get More Customers with Your Own Website

If you are looking to start a Dropship website, it???s easier than you may think. Dropship websites are a fantastic way to run a business and earn a great income, and you can get one up and running in very little time. In fact, with no credit card and or any programming or design experience, you could be on in as little as a few minutes.

Quickly build your own website

It's more important than ever for your business to have a website. Now it's easy to create your own website using Dropship websites-building software tools. You can have a website designed and built in minutes, even if you've never attempted to create a website before.  Try it free for 10 days, see what you think!

Fast, flexible website building software

The templates are fully functional website designs with multiple pages, navigation already created, and text you might easily use in your own business website. For the business owner in a hurry, you can simply add your own business name and contact information, and your small business website can be online in moments! You can easily update anything later. Dropship websites building software makes it quick, convenient and affordable to maintain, update, and tweak a website over time.

A professional look made easy

Dropship Websites over 2,000 website templates are fully functional, and already incorporate basic images and text that are appropriate for the type of business represented by that website design. Use an existing design as your starting point, making your website building project much easier. These professional website templates are organized into several different business categories, so finding a website design perfect for your business is easy.

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